Spirit Challenge Cup Responses: “This would be a one-of-a-kind, huge event – it could be the ultimate reality-based T.V. show ever!”

As we move forward in the NHL season we reflect on some of the responses to the proposed Spirit Challenge Cup.

“If the NHL fails to produce a playoff for the Stanley Cup, then the Cup should absolutely be awarded to any “team” who wishes to compete for the cup in a round-robin competition, regardless of age, gender, or whatever league they played in (with the exception of the NHL and it’s official farm system). Teams could come from all over the world to a Canadian destination (preferably Toronto) as it likely has the most arenas in which to be able to host a voluminous round-robin competition and modern urban infrastructure). The Stanley Cup championship should be completed no later than the last week of April, 2013. Teams could be comprised of and come from the University system in the U.S. and Canada, teams could come from various junior hockey leagues throughout Canada, U.S., or Europe. They could be teams hobbled together at the last minute by any group of players and individuals who wish to compete (in other words, players who don’t necessarily compete in an organized league). An ad agency should be enlisted to sell sponsorship, venues booked, tickets sold for a REASONABLE price point and television rights negotiated. This would be a one-of-a-kind, huge event – it could be the ultimate reality-based T.V. show ever! I have no doubt the CBC, TSN, and SportsNET would jump all-over this (provided their agreements with the NHL do not prevent them from doing so). The winners, should and must have all their names engraved on the cup….. no different than any other year. These players names would go down in history….. what a great shot at immortality!!! I’m getting excited just thinking about it!”

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