Spirit Challenge Cup Responses: “It is every Canadians dream from childhood to play and win the STANLEY CUP.”

As we move forward in the NHL season we reflect on some of the responses to the proposed Spirit Challenge Cup.

“This is a great way to express our ideals about this subject. I have an ideal and had no way of getting it to the people. So thank you for this. I think we should have an OPEN. An open tournament is one where anyone with the entrance fee can compete. The contest is Open to everyone everywhere. If you are the national team of Mongolia or a pee-wee team from Montreal, the winners of the Clarkson cup in the women’s league or just some beer league team. You and your buddies can live the dream and play for the STANLEY CUP. The tournament would be play in an elimination round style. All competitors names would go into a hat and drawn, creating the brackets. Then they would play knocking each other off till we are left with the best teams. You could imagine the Russian all-star team playing against some team of ten year olds from Moosejaw playing not for money but playing with joy, for the love of the game. Like we all did when we were kids. We might even see some of the NHL players band together to form their own super teams and play for the STANLEY CUP. Players who never had a shot at the STANLEY CUP because of the teams they might now have their one best, greatest chance to win glory on a team of their own. We might even see a Cinderella story of the beer leaguers out playing the major league players. It is every Canadians dream from childhood to play and win the STANLEY CUP. However some great Canadians will never get the chance to even play for the STANLEY CUP just because they are WOMEN and this offends me as a Canadian. This is not the values that we hold to be true. All Canadians deserve to be treated equally and this OPEN style tournament would open the door for women to showcase their pride, their heart and their tremendous dedication to pursuing the highest achievement of the human spirit. As was the very reasoning for Lord Stanley creating the STANLEY CUP in the first place to be a symbol for which we could aspire to achieve. This is why we Canadians hold the STANLEY CUP in such high esteem, because it is the very real and tangible representation of what we hold to be the best in us Canadians. An OPEN tournament would build bridges from all age groups to all sexes and all the peoples around the world, to those ideals that we Canadians hold to be most sacred and symbolized in the STANLEY CUP. The greatest trophy in the world and the very heart of the Canadian culture. Kenneth Green Montreal Quebec Canada”

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