Spirit Challenge Cup Responses: “If you are a NHL team owner…The fans would love you for thinking of them.”

As we move forward in the NHL season we reflect on some of the responses to the proposed Spirit Challenge Cup.

“If you are a NHL team owner and you are worried that you might be damaging the long term viability of your product, as well as your bottom line by alienating the fan base, organizing an OPEN tournament for the fans to participate would solve all these problems. The fans would even love you for thinking of them by including them into the game. This is a once in a life time opportunity. This onetime event would be a spectacular that will capture the imagination of the public. This will draw the interest of the big American television broadcasters, wanting to carry the story, thereby increasing hockey’s exposure to the U.S. market. If only 200 teams enter to play in the series, then it will take approximately 200 games to play the series, giving you plenty of opportunity to make money from the tournament through tickets sales and big corporation sponsorship. This should make everyone fall in love with hockey and want to watch The NHL when it returns and plays for the STANLEY CUP and they will say I DID THAT. Ken Green Verdun, Canada”

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