Spirit Challenge Cup Responses: “I DID IT I lived the dream. I played for the STANLEY CUP. This is what the fans will be saying…”

As we move forward in the NHL season we reflect on some of the responses to the proposed Spirit Challenge Cup.

“I DID IT I lived the dream. I played for the STANLEY CUP. This is what the fans will be saying in this once in a life time opportunity. With an OPEN style tournament everyone can have the chance play for the CUP, for dream of it, for the love of the game. A beer league team, a pee-wee team, the Clarkson cup winners or a group of NHL all-stars have the same chance to play as long as they pay their entrance fee to pay for some ice time. They are all equal. An OPEN is the most democratic form of tournament. It does not discriminate; it does not replace one elitized group with another. Two children watching hockey night in Canada. The first child says someday I am going to play hockey. The second child says I am going to play hockey to. The first child says well I am going to win the STANLEY CUP. The second child says I will to. One of these children will win the STANLEY CUP the child will not just because she is a girl. This is outrageous and must not be allowed to happen an more in CANADA. We can give everyone who has ever dreamed of playing for the CUP the to live the dream. To say I DID IT, I STRIVED, I MADE THE EFFORT, I PLAYED FOR THE STANLEY CUP. This once in a lifetime chance to play in the LORD STANLEY CHALLENGE CUP OPEN. Where everyone who plays will be a winner on the inside. For the CUP will touch them to their spirit. Because they lived the dream, they felt the glory and they came that close to immortality.”

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