Spirit Challenge Cup Responses: “…as long as kids are on the ice, there’s hockey. The game doesn’t stop…”

As we move forward in the NHL season we reflect on some of the responses to the proposed Spirit Challenge Cup.

“Good Morning, I’m a “hockey mom” with an 8 year old kid who can recite player stats for hours (and hours). My family loves the game and I worked on this emotional video spot produced by RBC Play Hockey: http://youtu.be/TbT85pbbwbc The video and recent grassroots action around the Stanley Cup (there’s a movement to get the cup be awarded to a community team this year) underscores that as long as kids are on the ice, there’s hockey. The game doesn’t stop. I’m hoping that you’ll consider sharing this video on your site, twitter and Facebook. Our video profiles a team of 7-year-old kids as they lace up their skates, tape their sticks, get tips from their coach and take to the ice. It’s an emotional video that gets kids (and grown-ups) stoked about community games and the Juniors and reminds us what hockey is really about. In the absence of NHL hockey, I think we should all work to make this a record year for attendance at community games! Please let me know if you can help spread the word! Hockey never stops! Best, Rebecca”

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