Afternoon News: There may be a new Stanley Cup champ after all.
Don’t mothball the Stanley Cup.–don-t-mothball-the-stanley-cup

The Toronto Star
Stanley Cup should still be awarded even without the NHL–stanley-cup-should-still-be-awarded-even-without-the-nhl

CTV National News for Dec. 20
CTV National News for Dec. 20, part three – As the NHL cancels more games, a team of lawyers wants the Stanley cup awarded to another league’s team.
NHL Season or Not  -Stanley Cup may still be awarded
If NHL cancels the season the Stanley Cup could still be in play as it should be
On-going discussion: If there’s no NHL season, who should play for the Stanley Cup?

The Globe and Mail
NHL LOCKOUT ‘Challenge’ proposal would see amateur teams vie for Stanley Cup
Lang & O’Leary Exchange discuss with Tim Gilbert: his experience and opinions on the NHL.
Keeper of the Stanley Cup: Would be nice to see someone win it this year.
MP supports awarding Stanley Cup to an amateur champion.
Canadian group want to crown a hockey champ.

New Stanley Cup Tournament?

National Post
Stand up for the Stanley Cup