A grassroots group of Canadian hockey supporters, including Gard Shelley, David Burt, Tim Gilbert, and Loudon Owen, has announced the development of the SPIRIT CHALLENGE CUP™ (Challenge pour la Coupe D’Esprit), a 2013 tournament to potentially award the Stanley Cup to the best amateur hockey team playing in Canada, just as the Lord Stanley of Preston intended.

The SPIRIT CHALLENGE CUP™ tournament is expected to take place in the spring of 2013. Amateur hockey teams are invited to register by January 18, 2013 their interest in challenging for the Cup.  The organizers intend for the event to benefit amateur hockey in Canada.


Gard Shelley
Gard Shelley has been a member of the Wednesday Nighters, a Toronto scrimmage hockey club, since 1983. Gard has a law degree from Queen’s University, was called to the bar in 1978 and has been the CEO of Shelley Automation since 1992.

David Burt
David Burt has been a member of the Wednesday Nighters, a Toronto scrimmage hockey club, since the early 1970s.  Burt was called to the Ontario Bar in 1977 and is general counsel for a Canadian retailer.

Tim Gilbert
Tim Gilbert is a proud amateur hockey player and supporter. Tim is also the founder and principal partner at Gilbert’s LLP, a full-service boutique law firm serving innovation-driven industries.

Loudon Owen
Loudon is an entrepreneur, lawyer and noted authority on intellectual property, who won a $315 million patent infringement case against Microsoft. He is also Chair of sports media holding company, Anthem Media which controls Fight Network and is a major shareholder in Pursuit Channel in the US, which is broadcast into over 40 million homes. He previously played pro hockey in Epinal, France.